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Thank You for Everything

Everyone has friends. Good friends are people that can make us be better than before. They can tell us whether something is true or not. They always stay beside us when we need them. They know our feeling—when we are happy and sad—. They can teach us about something that we haven’t met before. But, if they are good for us and become a good friend for our daily life, we must do it too. Because, friends are not just a ‘people’, they can motivate us when we reach our dream. This is happened to me. When I was feeling down because of the lesson and one of my friends at school, she came to me.

I have a close friend, named Aru. I call her like that because she is always there when I need her. I have known her since we were in second grade at senior high school. I was really bored and didn’t know what I have to do. I just walked into the mosque near my class and tried to pray to God so that I could feel better. The mosque was empty. There was no one there because it was still lesson time. The teacher couldn’t come into my class. When I was praying to God, some people came. I knew that they were Sarah and her friends from another class after I have finished my activity. I tried to greet Sarah and talk to her. When we were talking, someone came with her magazine. I was really happy because in that magazine there was my idol. So, I approached her and asked to borrow her magazine. Later, I knew that she had the same hobby as me, anime and Japanese music. Then, we often shared about our hobbies. We knew that Japanese music has driven us crazy. I always came to her house to give her something new about that. I was really happy because she didn’t mind about this.

She was a kind person. She knew about people’s feeling and always tried to stay beside someone who needed her. But, she was a silent person. Although she wanted to stay there, she didn’t know how to release her feelings. That’s why, people seemed not to be really care about her. Then, she was just a silent person until I told her.

After months later, finally I knew her secret. She had a weakness that made her become a silent person and didn’t want to talk to the others. She used something on her ears to hear voices. But, she was not deaf. It was difficult for her to hear something. It has happened since she was a child. No body knew about her weakness, except her family, her childhood—Fierly—, and me. She was afraid that people will stay away from her if they knew about it. But, I said, no. I always tried to support her and made her more confidence in her daily life. It was worked in several months later. I really appreciated her. She was really a hard worker. This is something that I have learned from her. I’m happy that I have been met her. I learned a lot about everything in my daily life. Thank you, Aru.


School Schedule in Japan


pengen liat langsung ky gimana di sana…

Tapi kapan yah????

Amiin…. ^^

Ini Horikoshi High School di Jepang…

Tempat para artis jepang berkumpul…

Ada Fukuda Saki dan Hikaru Yaotome di foto!!!

Kyaaaaaa… ^^

Horikoshi Gate


The Students at Horikoshi Year 2009

Jadwal di bawah ini cuma secara umum…

berdasarkan ucapan temanku dari jepang, jadwal tiap sekolah berbeda2, tergantung dari sekolahnya sendiri…


Students in Japan don’t go from class to class. Instead, different teachers visit them in the same classroom. A typical high school schedule covers six subjects in a day (typically four in the morning and two in the afternoon), but there is also time allowed for lunch and cleaning (during cleaning, students help tidy the school). The average first year Japanese student is estimated to take on about an hour and a half of homework each night. Here is a sample of the weekly schedule of a Japanese student.

I Japanese Language
Social Studies
II Math
Home Economics
III English
Japanese Language
Japanese Language
Japanese Language
IV Biology
Physical Ed.
Physical Ed.
Social Studies
Physical Ed.
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
V Social Studies
Home Economics
Home Economics
VI Home Economics
Social Studies
Physical Education
VII Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting Class Meeting
After School Activities After School Activities After School Activities After School Activities After School Activities
Japanese – Kokugo

Just as Western students take English in order to strengthen their writing and speaking skills, Japanese study Japanese. By high school, Japanese students are studying Japanese literature.

Math – Suugaku

There is a popular notion that in order to get into a good high school one must already have a firm grasp of high school mathematics before applying. This notion has supported the growth of juku, or “cram schools,” to which parents (who can afford them) send their children to receive additional educational instruction.

Science – Kagaku

In middle school, students take more generalized science classes. By high school, students specialize in specific types of science (i.e., physics, chemistry, biology, geology). In their third and final year of high school, some students in some schools get on science “tracks.” In other words, their whole curriculum is modified to a science focus. Other students might go on a humanities “track.”

Social Studies – Shakai

Social studies are popular classes in elementary and middle school because they usually include field trips – some lasting as long as a week! The field trips give students a firsthand opportunity to see how Japan “works.”

English – Eigo

Japanese college entrance exams stress English comprehension. English is seen as an essential language for international dealings. This is why English is the most studied foreign language in Japan. The need for good English instruction has created a high demand for English-speaking instructors. This is good news for you if you are a non-Japanese English-speaker who wishes to work in Japan! 

Home Economics (for girls) / Technical Home Economics (for boys) – Kateika / Gijutsukatei

Home economics education is a bit like the home economics classes offered in U.S. schools. Instruction is provided in cooking (including nutrition), sewing, and “home time,” where shop-type skills are learned (for example, repairs and the wiring of electric cables). Girls usually take the cooking and sewing components while the boys generally take the “technical home time” portion. Students are not barred from taking whatever home education classes they desire.

Music – Ongaku

In Japanese elementary and middle schools, all students take a music class. Most students learn how to play the recorder. Later on, they may be instructed in the playing of other Western instruments through participation in clubs. Some schools have orchestras or bands, although this is not common. Some schools also teach Japanese traditional instruments, such as the shamisan (which resembles a guitar), koto (described by some as a horizontally-placed Japanese harp), and traditional drums.

Art – Bijutsu

All Japanese students study art during their school years. Because of the Japanese school system’s emphasis on artistic training from an early age, most Japanese people can draw fairly well. In high school, students can specialize in one form of art (for example, sculpture, oil painting, watercolor, or pottery and ceramics).

Physical Education – Hokentaiiku

Physical education (PE) is a standard part of the Japanese curriculum. In addition to having PE classes during the regular school day, students are expected to participate in after school activities. A variety of sports are offered, from judo to volleyball; basketball to kendo. Practices can last as long as three hours, which can make one very tired at the end of the day.

Class Meeting – Gakkyuukai

This period is also called hoomuruumu in some schools, which comes from the English “homeroom.” Unlike its American counterpart, the typical hoomuruumu comes at the end of the day, after classes are finished and before club activities. The homeroom teacher comes into the classroom and has a short meeting with students regarding announcements or concerns. Students might be informed that someone received a prize, a broom is missing, or the next day’s schedule will be irregular. The length of the meeting depends on how much there is to discuss, but usually lasts less than ten minutes.

Moral Studies – DootokuMoral education takes place in elementary and middle schools. Students discuss their roles and responsibilities to the Japanese community and to their families.
After School Activities

Two things go on at the end of the school day. One is the cleaning of the school and the other is the attending of club functions. Students clean the school first, which makes for a 15 minute chore.

Participation in clubs is not required of students; those who aren’t club members simply go home. However, most students belong to a club. Most clubs meet for an hour to an hour and a half. Some clubs meet every day; others meet a few times a week. Clubs that are offered vary from school to school.

Clubs can be divided into two groups: athletic and non-athletic. Athletic clubs might include baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, table tennis, kendo, judo, volleyball, track and field, softball, mountain climbing, cycling, and gymnastics. Examples of non-athletic clubs are calligraphy, music, art, drama, English, reading, sewing, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony

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I Can’t See Your Heart [FanFic]

I Can’t See Your Heart [FanFic]

Cast : Arioka Daiki, Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto, Chinen Yuri

Daiki no Diary….

Hari itu adalah hari ke-2 kami nikmati liburan musim panas. Aku, Arioka Daiki, saat ini adalah siswa kelas 3 SMA. Aku memiliki teman dekat, Ryosuke, Yuto, dan Chinen, yang semuanya masih duduk di bangku kelas 1 SMA.

Hari ini, kami akan pergi ke Onsen yang berada 10 km dari kota kami. Setelah dilakukan diskusi selama 6 hari, kami memutuskan untuk menginap di Onsen tersebut, yang harganya di bawah standar. Maklum… Kami hanya siswa SMA biasa.

Ryosuke : “Dai-chan! Bangun! Kita sampai…”

Daiki : “Hmmh…. Aku kan baru tertidur 5 menit….”

Yuto : “Terus mau tidur sampai kapan?”

Daiki : “Ah… Ya, deh…”

Ryosuke : “Nih, tasmu! Ayo turun!”

Daiki : “Thanks…”

Kami pun turun dari bus. Chinen yang sejak dari perjalanan diam, akhirnya mulai bicara.

Chinen : “Tunggu… Kalian yakin mau ke sini?”

Yuto : “Yup! Kita menginap di sini… ‘kan harganya lebih murah…”

Chinen : “Tapi… Kaa-san bilang, onsen ini campuran… Banyak nenek-nenek yang datang ke sini…”

Ryosuke : “Wah… Jangan-jangan…”

Chinen : “Aku ‘gak begitu!”

Daiki : “Hus! Jangan aneh-aneh ah!”

Yuto : “Udahlah… Kita have fun aja…”

Tanpa kami sadari, seseorang datang menghampiri kami. Aku sempat kehabisan kata-kata. Gadis itu tomboy, bisa dikatakan berantakan, tapi yang aku lihat, dia manis.

Saki : “Kenapa di sini? Masuk dong…”

Ryosuke : “Eh? Ya… Kami…”

Yuto: “Mau menginap juga?”

Saki : “‘gak… Aku tinggal di sini kok… Duluan, ya…”

Gadis itu pergi. Aku sempat terdiam cukup lama, sampai akhirnya teman-temanku menarikku ke dalam.

Yuto : “Cewek itu aneh…”

Ryosuke : “Berantakan maksudmu?”

Yuto : “Begitulah…”

Chinen : “Tapi sebenarnya dia manis… Coba kalau rapi sedikit…”

Daiki : “Huft…”

Tidak terasa kami sudah 2 hari di penginapan ini. Kami sering bertemu dengan gadis berantakan itu, yang belakangan diketahui bernama Saki. Ternyata dia tidak seperti yang kami bayangkan. Orangnya baik, meskipun kadang-kadang ‘gak bisa diam juga… Tapi yang ku tahu, dia masih sama dalam pandanganku. Kalau boleh aku ingin lebih mengenalnya, tapi kelihatannya dia tidak terlalu suka bergaul denganku. Mungkin karena aku lebih sering diam (di matanya).

Daiki : “Yuto di mana?”

Ryosuke : “‘Gak tahu tuh… Tadi sih sama Chinen, tapi Chinen udah di kamar.”

Daiki : “Keluar sebentar ya…”

Ryosuke : “Oke deh…”

Siang itu aku asik jalan-jalan di halaman penginapan onsen itu. Ternyata ada sekitar 15 nenek-nenek yang asik berlalu-lalang dengan langkahnya yang agak berat. Mungkin mereka senang udara di sini. Pemandangannya juga bagus. Tapi jujur, agak terganggu dengan ‘pemandangan’ yang lewat… :p

Setelah asik berkeliling, lagi-lagi… Ya, Tuhan… Gadis itu lagi. Tapi hari ini rambutnya terurai. Rambut hitamnya ia biarkan jatuh melalui bahunya. Ku rasa dia lebih terlihat manis hari ini, tapi bajunya yang berantakan pun masih tetap ia kenakan.

Daiki : “Ah… Hai… ^^”

Saki : “Eh?… Pagi… Aku pergi dulu.”

Tuh ‘kan… Lagi-lagi… Aku susah sekali mengenalnya. Kami cuma menginap 3 hari di sini. Itu artinya, besok aku akan kembali ke kotaku. Ya ampun… Aku sudah gila… Kenapa jadi senang melihat gadis berantakan itu sih?

Yuto : “Dai-Chan… Tasukete…”

Daiki : “Eh? Nani?”

Yuto : “Aku ‘gak sengaja salah masuk kamar… Kamar kita yang mana sih?”

Daiki : “Ke sana… Terus kenapa begitu?”

Yuto : “Ada yang kejar aku… Ah? Ja na!”

Daiki : “Ya ampun… dikejar nenek-nenek?”

Dasar si Yuto itu… Jarang sekali aku melihatnya diam. Tapi itulah asyiknya. Kadang aku selalu dihiburnya setiap kali aku sedih. Dia tahu bagaimana mengembalikan suasana hati dan mencairkannya. Chinen dengan tingkah anak kecilnya, kadang membuatku gemas. Sedangkan Ryosuke yang kadang serius, kadang sama tidak bisa diamnya dengan Yuto. Mereka sejoli yang hebat. Aku senang dikelilingi mereka. Ah ya, aku lupa dengan Saki. Apa dia mau mendengarkan aku?

Chinen : “Kamu lagi jatuh cinta ya?”

Daiki : “Eh? Kata siapa?”

Chinen : “Ryosuke bilang begitu”

Ryosuke : “Terlihat… Dari kemarin aku perhatikan, pandanganmu beda waktu lihat cewek itu…”

Yuto : “Dai-Chan jatuh cinta? Hebat! ^^”

Daiki : “Ah… Urusai…”

Aku malas kalau mereka begini. Suka meledek, tapi simpati juga. Tapi jujur, aku jadi merasa senang. Memang benar, mereka paling tahu apa yang aku rasakan saat ini. Mungkin aku bodoh, dalam waktu 2 hari aku bisa memiliki perasaan begini. Cinta pada pandangan pertama? Mungkin juga.

Esok paginya, aku sempat melihat bayangan diriku di depan kaca. Apa aku bisa mendekatinya kali ini? Huft… Akan kucoba… Aku sengaja memakai baju asal yang sedikit berantakan. Aku harap, kami bisa terlihat sama. Agak risih sih… Tapi aku ingin terlihat sesuai dengannya, Saki yang membuatku gila.

Ryosuke dan yang lain bingung melihat tingkahku. Aku bilang pada mereka, ini usahaku yang terakhir. Kalau gagal, aku memang bukan untuknya. Ah… Cinta remaja yang menyusahkan…

Tapi apa yang terjadi, sungguh di luar pikiranku. Saat aku akan keluar kamar, seorang gadis datang dengan dress birunya yang sepanjang lutut dan rambut terurai rapi melewati bahu. Ya Tuhan… Dia cantik sekali…

Daiki : “Saki?”

Saki : “Daiki? Kenapa… Bajumu…”

Ryosuke : “Ah… Wakatta… Kalian sama-sama merubah penampilan ya…”

Yuto : “Cinta itu menyusahkan… Benar ‘kan Chinen? ^^”

Chinen : “Hu-um! Omedetoo na, Dai-Chan… ^^”

Aku hanya bisa tersenyum melihat mereka. Saki yang aku suka ternyata juga merubah penampilannya agar bisa sesuai denganku. Aku tidak tahu harus berkata apa lagi. Ini yang aku inginkan dan semoga tetap seperti ini. Ternyata dibalik ‘kesialan’ kami yang satu Onsen dengan nenek-nenek, ada hal yang bisa membuat kami tersenyum senang. Teman-temanku, gadis itu, dan kehidupanku…

Daiki : “Baka…”

Arigatou na… Saki-Chan… ^^


awalnya c biasa aja sama SS501…

Suka, tapi g smpe fanatik…

Tp kok….

waktu lihat MV A Song Calling for You, ada cowok pake baju putih yg imut bgt…

tingkah macem2 alias gak bisa diem…

itulah c “Tante Kuda” alias Jung Min…

hehehehehehe… ^^

Park Jung MinFull name: Park Jung Min
Nick name: Horse
Birthdate: 3 April 1987
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Blood Type: O
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Education: High school affiliated to Dankook University
Talents: Tap Dancing
Kgroup: SS501
Past experience: MTV Fresh VJ, DJ for SBS’s “Youngstreet” Radio, MC of a Korean TV Show (MBC): 74434, MC SBS Inki Gayo, MC Mnet Countdown.

Filmography :
MBC’s Nonstop 5 (Episode 207 only)
MBC’s Can love be refiIled?
MBC’s Thanks for waking me up!
MBC’s Thanks for raising me!
SS501 SOS by Mnet
SS501 Stalker by Mnet
SS501 The Mission by Mnet Japan (2007)
SS501 KM Idol World
Star Golden Bell [KBS]
Grease The Musical

With his charismatic style, he is known as “SS501 Charisma” and often introduces himself as SS501 Sexy Charisma, Park Jung Min. Jung Min is also known as the friendliest member in SS501, and also the one that talks the most. Since his face is rather long, comparing to the other members, he is often joked by other members with the name “Horse Power”, or “Park thats my word”.

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q suka bgt sama Hey! Say! Jump…

selain member’a kawaii bin imut, lagu2’a jg enak bgt….

apalagi mereka itu multi talented bgt…..

bikin Kyaaaaa tiap hari….

Ini nih, orang2 yg q suka…. ^^

Daiki AriokaName: Arioka Daiki
Profession: Singer, actor
hdate: 1991.04.15
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Height: 163.5 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Agency: Johnny’s Jimusho
Admired senpai: Katori Shingo
Former grou
ps: J.J. Express, Hey! Say! 7
Talent: Football
Fav. Food: Ome
Disliked Food: Tomato, Mayonnaise
Fav. Sport: Soccer
Fav. Subject: English
Disliked Subject: Mathematics
First Love: Primary School Year 1
Jpop Group: Hey!Say!JUMP —-> Hey!Say!Best


On June 2, 2003, he entered Johnny & Associates as a trainee. Chinen Yuuri, a member of the same group as him, was also there during that time.
On April 3 of that same year, he began activities with Hey! Say! 7 starting with a public performance at a KAT-TUN concert.
On September 21, 2007, he began performing as a member of Hey! Say! JUMP


[2001] Gao Ranger
[2003] Last Lawyer
[2005] Engine as Sonobe Toru
[2008] Sensei Wa Erai! as Takekura Rin
[2008] Scrap Teacher as Irie Sugizo


[2004] Jam Films 2: Fastener

Ryosuke Yamada* Name: Yamada Ryosuke
* Nickname: Yamachan, Yamada, Ryo-chan
* Birthdate: May 9th, 1993
* Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
* Lives: Kanagawa, Japan
* Blood Type: B
* Height: 163 cm
* Weight: 53 kg
* Fav. Food: Strawberry, Eggplant, Meat
* Least Fav. Food: Tomato, Fermented Soybean
* Hobbies: Cooking, Fishing
* Fav. Subject: Social Studies
* Fav. No.: 4
* Fav. Color: White, Orange
* Fav. Sport: Soccer
* Group: Hey! Say! JUMP
* Former group: Kitty Jr., Tap Kids, Hey! Say! 7
* Admired senior: Domoto Koichi
* PVs participated in: Seishun Amigo, Venus, Fever to Future.


* Tantei Gakuen Q SP (NTV, July 1, 2006) as Amakusa Ryuu

* Tantei Gakuen Q (NTV, July 3 – September 11, 2007) as Amakusa Ryuu

* One-Pound Gospel (NTV, January 2008 – March 9, 2009 ) as Mukoda Katsumi

* Sensei wa Erai! SP (NTV, April 12, 2008) as Gunjou Hayato

* Furuhata Chugakusei SP (June 14, 2008) as Furuhata Ninzaburo

* Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Saisei~ (October 11, 2008 – December 6, 2008) as Takasugi Toichi

* Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide (August 29, 2009) as Kawai Yuji

* Hidarime Tantei EYE SP (October 2009) as Tanaka Ainosuke

* Hidarime Tantei EYE (January 2010) as Tanaka Ainosuke

Variety Shows:

* The Shounen Club (NHK, 2004 – 2007)
* YOUtachi (NTV, October 2006 – October 2007)
* Heisei Families (NTV, October 2007 – March(?) 2008)
* Domoto Brothers
* Showa X HeiSei (April 2008 – March 2009)
* School Kakumei! (April 2009 – present)


* Fever to Future (Kitty GYM)
* Venus (Tackey and Tsubasa) ~here’s the link to view the PV~
* Seishun Amigo (Shuuji to Akira)


* Dream Boys (performed with Shonentai, January 2006)

Additional Info:

* He loves collecting coins. (He thinks it’s fun)
* He is very close to Nakajima Yuto.
* He auditioned for Johnny’s Jimusho on August 12th, 2004
* He debuted with the group Hey! Say! 7 which was later integrated into Hey! Say! JUMP on September 24th, 2007
* He doesn’t want to have a girlfriend yet because he wants to be more successful in his career.
* He doesn’t like criticism.
* Sometimes he’s naughty and sometimes he’s just quiet.
* He likes hanging out with his group especially with Nakajima Yuto.
* He is a loud person.
* He is good at mimicking people. (monomane)
* He starts to get close to Yuto when Yuto asked him to go back home together after school.
* He treasures his two pet guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a hamster.
* He is afraid of ghosts, dark places, and airplanes.
* He likes girls who are kind and honest.
* He wanted to be Ultra man when he was a child but when he got older he wanted to be a soccer player.

Yabu Kota
Name: Yabu Kota
Nickname: Yabu chan, Yabucchi
B-day: 1990.01.31
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Kanagawa,Japan
Height: 178cm (about 5 feet 10inches)
Weight: 50 kg
Shoe Size: 26 cm
Blood type: A
Admired Senior: Domoto Koichi
Former group: ya-ya-yah
Collects: CD
Specialty: Soccer
Good point: can concentrate for a short amount of time
Special Abilities: Organizing his room
Hobbies: Guitar, a type of soccer, reading, listening to music
Instruments Yabu can play: Guitar, piano
Something Yabu wants now: Younger Brother
Family: Father, Mother, Older sister, Older brother
Strong Point: Does everything from start to finish
My wise saying: There is today because there was yesterday, there is today so there is a tomorrow.
Country I want to go: Europe, Spain
Country I have been to: America, Hawaii, Taiwan, Thailand
Is very close to: Jin Akanishi (Kat-tun), Jin even phoned and asked permission from Yabu’s mom to adopt Yabu as his lil brother….^^
Fav.color: Red, Purple
Fav. sport: Soccer
Fav. taste: Sour things
Fav. subject: English
Favorite Fashion: Nothing in particular
Favorite Music: Mostly Japanese songs. Doesn’t understand the meaning of English language songs.
Favorite Words: Once in a lifetime chance
Favorite Movie: The movies Johnny Depp are in.
Favorite Food: Oden, Rice with hashed meat, Curry, Boiled Fish
Favorite Animal: Newborn Kittens, Dogs
Favorite part of face or body: Alignment of teeth
Fav. Type of Girl: Cute, Not too loud
Disliked color: Blue
Disliked food: Tomatoes,Cucumber
Weak Subject: Math
Weak point: can’t concentrate for a long amount of time
Weak Point: Being Shy

<Credits by:>
Ah… finally….
their new single…
it’ll be released on Feb 24
Can’t wait ne…. ^^

Limited Edition:
1.[CD] Hitomi no Screen
2.[CD] Kagayaki Days
3.[CD] Hitomi no Screen (Music Video + Making)

Regular Edition:
1.Hitomi no Screen
2.Kagayaki Days
4.Hitomi no Screen (Original Karaoke)
5.Kagayaki Days (Original Karaoke)
6.Romeo&Juliet (Original Karaoke)

Hitomi no Screen [PV Preview]


I Found this info…

“HSJ will be in both episodes of Shonen Club this coming January, with a new song titled “Romeo and Juliet”.”

Aahhh… I Really wait for it…. 


Hey! Say! JUMP on POTATO

Kawaii desu ne….????? ^^

MYOJO Hey! Say! JUMP JAN 2010

They are sooo CooL!!! >.<

Hidarime Tantei EYE Series on Jan 2010

Ah… This is what I want…
Yamada Ryosuke and Yokoyama Yuu finally play in HTE again!!!
Cz HTE couldn’t finish like that…

Check this one…