q suka bgt sama Hey! Say! Jump…

selain member’a kawaii bin imut, lagu2’a jg enak bgt….

apalagi mereka itu multi talented bgt…..

bikin Kyaaaaa tiap hari….

Ini nih, orang2 yg q suka…. ^^

Daiki AriokaName: Arioka Daiki
Profession: Singer, actor
hdate: 1991.04.15
Birthplace: Chiba Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Height: 163.5 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Agency: Johnny’s Jimusho
Admired senpai: Katori Shingo
Former grou
ps: J.J. Express, Hey! Say! 7
Talent: Football
Fav. Food: Ome
Disliked Food: Tomato, Mayonnaise
Fav. Sport: Soccer
Fav. Subject: English
Disliked Subject: Mathematics
First Love: Primary School Year 1
Jpop Group: Hey!Say!JUMP —-> Hey!Say!Best


On June 2, 2003, he entered Johnny & Associates as a trainee. Chinen Yuuri, a member of the same group as him, was also there during that time.
On April 3 of that same year, he began activities with Hey! Say! 7 starting with a public performance at a KAT-TUN concert.
On September 21, 2007, he began performing as a member of Hey! Say! JUMP


[2001] Gao Ranger
[2003] Last Lawyer
[2005] Engine as Sonobe Toru
[2008] Sensei Wa Erai! as Takekura Rin
[2008] Scrap Teacher as Irie Sugizo


[2004] Jam Films 2: Fastener

Ryosuke Yamada* Name: Yamada Ryosuke
* Nickname: Yamachan, Yamada, Ryo-chan
* Birthdate: May 9th, 1993
* Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
* Lives: Kanagawa, Japan
* Blood Type: B
* Height: 163 cm
* Weight: 53 kg
* Fav. Food: Strawberry, Eggplant, Meat
* Least Fav. Food: Tomato, Fermented Soybean
* Hobbies: Cooking, Fishing
* Fav. Subject: Social Studies
* Fav. No.: 4
* Fav. Color: White, Orange
* Fav. Sport: Soccer
* Group: Hey! Say! JUMP
* Former group: Kitty Jr., Tap Kids, Hey! Say! 7
* Admired senior: Domoto Koichi
* PVs participated in: Seishun Amigo, Venus, Fever to Future.


* Tantei Gakuen Q SP (NTV, July 1, 2006) as Amakusa Ryuu

* Tantei Gakuen Q (NTV, July 3 – September 11, 2007) as Amakusa Ryuu

* One-Pound Gospel (NTV, January 2008 – March 9, 2009 ) as Mukoda Katsumi

* Sensei wa Erai! SP (NTV, April 12, 2008) as Gunjou Hayato

* Furuhata Chugakusei SP (June 14, 2008) as Furuhata Ninzaburo

* Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Saisei~ (October 11, 2008 – December 6, 2008) as Takasugi Toichi

* Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide (August 29, 2009) as Kawai Yuji

* Hidarime Tantei EYE SP (October 2009) as Tanaka Ainosuke

* Hidarime Tantei EYE (January 2010) as Tanaka Ainosuke

Variety Shows:

* The Shounen Club (NHK, 2004 – 2007)
* YOUtachi (NTV, October 2006 – October 2007)
* Heisei Families (NTV, October 2007 – March(?) 2008)
* Domoto Brothers
* Showa X HeiSei (April 2008 – March 2009)
* School Kakumei! (April 2009 – present)


* Fever to Future (Kitty GYM)
* Venus (Tackey and Tsubasa) ~here’s the link to view the PV~
* Seishun Amigo (Shuuji to Akira)


* Dream Boys (performed with Shonentai, January 2006)

Additional Info:

* He loves collecting coins. (He thinks it’s fun)
* He is very close to Nakajima Yuto.
* He auditioned for Johnny’s Jimusho on August 12th, 2004
* He debuted with the group Hey! Say! 7 which was later integrated into Hey! Say! JUMP on September 24th, 2007
* He doesn’t want to have a girlfriend yet because he wants to be more successful in his career.
* He doesn’t like criticism.
* Sometimes he’s naughty and sometimes he’s just quiet.
* He likes hanging out with his group especially with Nakajima Yuto.
* He is a loud person.
* He is good at mimicking people. (monomane)
* He starts to get close to Yuto when Yuto asked him to go back home together after school.
* He treasures his two pet guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a hamster.
* He is afraid of ghosts, dark places, and airplanes.
* He likes girls who are kind and honest.
* He wanted to be Ultra man when he was a child but when he got older he wanted to be a soccer player.

Yabu Kota
Name: Yabu Kota
Nickname: Yabu chan, Yabucchi
B-day: 1990.01.31
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Kanagawa,Japan
Height: 178cm (about 5 feet 10inches)
Weight: 50 kg
Shoe Size: 26 cm
Blood type: A
Admired Senior: Domoto Koichi
Former group: ya-ya-yah
Collects: CD
Specialty: Soccer
Good point: can concentrate for a short amount of time
Special Abilities: Organizing his room
Hobbies: Guitar, a type of soccer, reading, listening to music
Instruments Yabu can play: Guitar, piano
Something Yabu wants now: Younger Brother
Family: Father, Mother, Older sister, Older brother
Strong Point: Does everything from start to finish
My wise saying: There is today because there was yesterday, there is today so there is a tomorrow.
Country I want to go: Europe, Spain
Country I have been to: America, Hawaii, Taiwan, Thailand
Is very close to: Jin Akanishi (Kat-tun), Jin even phoned and asked permission from Yabu’s mom to adopt Yabu as his lil brother….^^
Fav.color: Red, Purple
Fav. sport: Soccer
Fav. taste: Sour things
Fav. subject: English
Favorite Fashion: Nothing in particular
Favorite Music: Mostly Japanese songs. Doesn’t understand the meaning of English language songs.
Favorite Words: Once in a lifetime chance
Favorite Movie: The movies Johnny Depp are in.
Favorite Food: Oden, Rice with hashed meat, Curry, Boiled Fish
Favorite Animal: Newborn Kittens, Dogs
Favorite part of face or body: Alignment of teeth
Fav. Type of Girl: Cute, Not too loud
Disliked color: Blue
Disliked food: Tomatoes,Cucumber
Weak Subject: Math
Weak point: can’t concentrate for a long amount of time
Weak Point: Being Shy

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