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Thank You for Everything

Everyone has friends. Good friends are people that can make us be better than before. They can tell us whether something is true or not. They always stay beside us when we need them. They know our feeling—when we are happy and sad—. They can teach us about something that we haven’t met before. But, if they are good for us and become a good friend for our daily life, we must do it too. Because, friends are not just a ‘people’, they can motivate us when we reach our dream. This is happened to me. When I was feeling down because of the lesson and one of my friends at school, she came to me.

I have a close friend, named Aru. I call her like that because she is always there when I need her. I have known her since we were in second grade at senior high school. I was really bored and didn’t know what I have to do. I just walked into the mosque near my class and tried to pray to God so that I could feel better. The mosque was empty. There was no one there because it was still lesson time. The teacher couldn’t come into my class. When I was praying to God, some people came. I knew that they were Sarah and her friends from another class after I have finished my activity. I tried to greet Sarah and talk to her. When we were talking, someone came with her magazine. I was really happy because in that magazine there was my idol. So, I approached her and asked to borrow her magazine. Later, I knew that she had the same hobby as me, anime and Japanese music. Then, we often shared about our hobbies. We knew that Japanese music has driven us crazy. I always came to her house to give her something new about that. I was really happy because she didn’t mind about this.

She was a kind person. She knew about people’s feeling and always tried to stay beside someone who needed her. But, she was a silent person. Although she wanted to stay there, she didn’t know how to release her feelings. That’s why, people seemed not to be really care about her. Then, she was just a silent person until I told her.

After months later, finally I knew her secret. She had a weakness that made her become a silent person and didn’t want to talk to the others. She used something on her ears to hear voices. But, she was not deaf. It was difficult for her to hear something. It has happened since she was a child. No body knew about her weakness, except her family, her childhood—Fierly—, and me. She was afraid that people will stay away from her if they knew about it. But, I said, no. I always tried to support her and made her more confidence in her daily life. It was worked in several months later. I really appreciated her. She was really a hard worker. This is something that I have learned from her. I’m happy that I have been met her. I learned a lot about everything in my daily life. Thank you, Aru.